Morehead City suspicious fire leaves two injured

Morehead City suspicious fire leaves two injured

MOREHEAD CITY, CARTERET COUNTY - A couple escapes their burning mobile home and now police are investigating the fire as suspicious.

Morehead City Police said the fire happened at the Willis Mobile Home Park off Bridges Street around 11:45 Saturday.

"Literally two people nearly lost their lives in this fire, and barely escaped," Morehead City Fire Chief Jamie Fulk said.

Investigators say after hearing conflicting stories from multiple people who were inside the home lot 69, something isn't adding up.

"We do feel this fire could possibly be suspicious maybe even arson," Fulk explained.

Morehead City fire crews, police and the State Bureau of Investigation's arson dog sniffed out the scene looking for clues as to what and where this fire started.

"From the statements we have taken from everybody at the scene from where the fire appeared to have started are not matching up," Lieutenant Kelly Guthrie said.

Police said three people were inside the home when the fire started in the hallway.

Investigators said a couple was sleeping in their bedroom when they had to act fast. The said the homeowner severely cut his arm by busting out his bedroom window, and then pulled a woman through the window to escape the flames.

The couple was rushed to the hospital.

"One with lacerations from trying to get out of the window by breaking it, and the other had 2nd degree burns," Guthrie explained.

Police say the woman was then flown to UNC Chapel Hill Burn Center with non-life threatening injuries.

The people who lived in the mobile home are receiving help from the Red Cross, and staying at a nearby hotel.

Investigators said the home is considered a total loss.

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