Morehead City Marlins opening night

Morehead City Marlins opening night

MOREHEAD CITY, CARTERET COUNTY - It was opening night for the Morehead City Marlins on Wednesday-- and fans came out to support their local team.

The parking lot was full and the stands were crowded, a good look seeing it was the team's fifth home opening at the Big Rock Stadium.

The Marlins were up against the Fayetteville SwampDogs, however weren't able to take home the win.

When the Marlins moved from New Bern to Morehead City five years ago, the move didn't come without public scrutiny.

Most of the concerns came from neighbors who lived directly behind or across from the Big Rock Stadium that was built for the team.

Their concerns were about the impacts the stadium could cause for the neighboring family-oriented community.

Once the stadium was up and running, neighbors voiced concerns about the noise, the lights and the selling of alcohol.

One family even brought a lawsuit againstĀ  Morehead City, who operates the facility. The family is suing the city for $10,000 complaining about noise and activity.

However, the owner of the Marlins, Buddy Bengel, says the team has worked with the community about their concerns.

"There are always going to be concerns," Bengel said. "People are always going to have an opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but we are doing a good job. I think we're working with the local community to try and make this a family friendly atmosphere."

In recent years the team's location has garnered more support from the neighboring community, despite a handful of concerns from people.

Bengel says one of the advantages of having the stadium in Morehead City is the economic revenue it brings in. An upcoming example Bengel gave was the 2014 All Star game, where he says more than 2 million dollars will be spent in the area of the two day event.

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