Morehead City looks at uses for Charles S. Wallace site

Morehead City looks at uses for Charles S. Wallace site

MOREHEAD CITY - Officials with Morehead City are looking at possible uses for the Charles S. Wallace site.

The building, which was constructed in 1929, was the old Morehead City High School. It closed in 1964. The city bought the building in 2006 for use as the administration building for all city staff. That intent still stands today, however, the plans have not been fleshed out yet.

"We are interested in maintaining this property," said City Manager David Whitlow. "I don't think anybody has had the thought to come in and demolish the building and start over from scratch."

Whitlow says the city is in the processing stages of the site and is getting input from the public on which of the building's features are important.

Currently, the building serves as a charter school. Cape Lookout Maritime High School has held classes there for several years.

"It has special meaning to a lot of people in Morehead City," Rodney Kemp said. Kemp was among the last graduating class at Morehead City High School.

Kemp is part of a group working to identify important historic features of the building.

"We particularly liked [the] entrance way because when you're a senior at Morehead City High School, you earned the privilege to gather here in the morning before the bell rang and you entered school," Kemp said.

Whitlow says any action on the building will take years of planning.

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