Morehead City faces tornado aftermath

Morehead City faces tornado aftermath

MOREHEAD CITY, CARTERET COUNTY - Three days after the tornado came through Eastern Carolina, cities are still cleaning up the aftermath.

NewsChannel 12 went out to North Forty Road in Morehead City, and neighbors told us that although they were in shock with the damage the tornado caused, they were grateful for the help they received from rescue and relief groups.

One of the groups helping out on that street today was N.C. Baptist Men, a faith-based volunteer organization that helps with natural disasters.

"We are just so thankful to have them," said Jamie Ballou, a resident who lives on the street. "These men and woman just cleaned up my neighbor's yard and now they are cleaning up mine."

The N.C Baptist Men organization says they are out here cutting down trees, raking leaves and picking up debris because they say it is their duty.

"We feel it's a calling from God to come down and help people in a desperate time of need," said Chris Simpson, a volunteer member.

The group has been helping in areas of Morehead City since Wednesday morning, hours after the tornado came through. They plan to help in the coming weeks in the Atlantic Beach area, another section of Eastern Carolina that was heavily hit.

N.C. Baptist men is one of many organizations helping in the relief efforts across Eastern Carolina.  Several men and women from One Harbor Church, firemen, police officers, state troopers, Marines and Bogue Banks Baptist Church also are helping.

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