Skies were mostly cloudy during the overnight Thursday, with some patches of drizzle and mist. The clouds provided some insulation for us and most areas stayed above freezing until right around daybreak Friday. That allowed the ice/snow pack to melt for much of the night with little in the way of a refreeze.

The clouds were gone by mid-morning Friday, and with bright sunshine over most of Eastern Carolina (a stubborn deck of clouds have been hanging tough over the beaches and the Outer Banks), the ice/snow melt really got into high gear.

Skies should be clear for most of us Friday night, with the 1 percent full new moon shining as a tiny crescent above us until it sets early Friday evening at 6:52pm.

A few clouds will linger along the beaches. But most of us will be clear and cold Friday night as low temperatures drop to 24 to 28 degrees inland, 28-32 degrees on the inner banks rivers and sounds, and 34 to 38degrees along the Outer Banks beaches.

That means that for most of us, it will be cold enough for some of Friday’s ice/snow melt to refreeze. With that in mind, I will alert you to the danger of some slick spots of black ice on mainly bridges, overpasses and secondary roads.

There are places on many roads where the ice and snow have been piled up by plowing, and the ice and snow are still fairly dangerous as you try to drive through those areas (turn lanes, intersections), so continue to use caution while driving (and walking).