More winter weather on the way for Eastern North Carolina

Still some uncertainty exist

Monday morning, cold air will pool into eastern Carolina (thanks to a cold front that pushes through Sunday night), keeping our highs in the mid 40's. Monday evening, it should be cold enough at cloud-level to produce snow and sleet over a span of a few hours. This will be our first taste of winter weather this week. Right now, not much accumulation is expected Monday. There is a chance a lot of the snow and sleet would evaporate before it hit the ground. Still, plan on a chance for winter weather, especially north of Highway 70 Monday evening. 

Tuesday afternoon heavy precipitation will be thrown toward us from the southwest. With cold air already in place, this should result in steady snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain over eastern Carolina. As the storm takes shape Monday and early Tuesday, the freezing line will likely change. For now, we are expecting winter weather for everyone in our viewing area. South of Highway 70 will be more likely to see sleet and rain. North of Highway 70 will be most likely to see sleet and snow. 

We will be updating our forecast totals about twice a day as the storm shifts and changes. For now, plan on the chance of seeing amounts as high as 2-4" of snow and ice combines. Freezing rain ice accumulations look closer to a glaze at this point, this too could change. 

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