Pamlico County investigators say they found more than 80 pot plants, 10 pounds of marijuana, cash, guns and tons ammunition at a home in Maribel on Tuesday morning.

Pamlico County Sheriff Billy Sawyer Jr. says deputies responded to 1402 Lynches Beach Loop Road around 10 a.m. after responding to a neighbor complaint.

Inside the home was Johnnie Gray Mercer, who is facing multiple drug charges-- including two counts of trafficking marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia-- after deputies seized drugs from the home. 

Investigators say Mercer had two storage barns on the property where he was stashing pot plants. Deputies removed 87 of them from the barns.

Deputies also say Mercer had equipment to grow marijuana on his property-- including lights and a humidifier.

Mercer was arrested and is being held at the Pamlico County Jail on 50,000 bond.