More than 450 alumni attend Morehead City All Class Reunion

School in session once a year for 13 years

More than 450 alumni attend Morehead City All Class Reunion

CARTERET COUNTY - For the past 13 years, Morehead City High School is in session once a year.  Alumni from the 30s through the 60s have lunch at the Sanitary Restaurant to catch up on old times.

"These are you ole' Moreheaders," said Nikki Galantis, Class of 1965.

One Moreheader is 89-year-old Charles Freeman from the class of 1940.  He has shown up to the reunion every year since 1999.

"I enjoyed going to school.  Good teachers.  They put up with a lot especially with us," said Freeman.

The Morehead City alumni show up from all over the country, including Lois Kenneally from San Diego.

"When we see each other, we pick up right where we left off.  There will be a very special place in my heart for Morehead City High School," said Kenneally.

The MCHS building still stands on Bridges St. which is now Cape Lookout High School, but class comradery is still the same.

"Just your typical grade one through grade 12, it's a community school where everybody knows everybody and lots of warmth, friendship and love," said Galantis.

The school spirit is just as strong.

TORI TIDBIT:  The class of 1958 has the most alumni there. Morehead City High School closed in 1964.  It consolidated with Newport High School and became West Carteret High School.

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