More than 20,400 meals collected at Share Your Christmas Food Drive

In New Bern, Jacksonville and Greenville

EASTERN CAROLINA - NewsChannel 12 partnered with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to hold our annual "Share Your Christmas Food Drive," and Friday's event collected more than 20,400 meals for those in need.

NewsChannel 12's Jaime McCutcheon and Brian North helped donors at the the food drive site in front of the New Bern Mall, where 10,884 meals were collected. That equaled to 5851 pounds of food, said Jennifer Caslin , marketing director for Food Bank of Central & Eastern Carolina. In addition, $1191.45 were collected.

NewsChannel 12's Anna Bulszewicz and Les Still teamed up to help collect food at the Jacksonville Mall. According to Caslin, 7,021 meals, totaling 6420 pounds, were donated there, as well as $323.

At the food drive site in front of the Greenville Mall, NewsChannel 12's Wes Goforth, Valentina Wilson and Skip Waters helped collect 2,497 meals, totaling 1158 pounds.  Donors also gave $304.33, Caslin said.

In all, 20,402 meals, equaling 13,429 pounds, were collected during Friday's "Share Your Christmas Food Drive," said Caslin. The NewsChannel 12 team wants to thank all those who donated this holiday season.

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