Monument honoring fallen officers unveiled at police station

New Bern Officer Alexander Thalmann joins list of fallen

Monument honoring fallen officers unveiled at police station

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - A memorial honoring fallen officers was unveiled at the New Bern Police Department Wednesday, with the name of the officer who recently died now engraved.

The monument, which now includes the name of Officer Alexander Thalmann among the names of other fallen police officers and deputies in Craven County, was revealed at 9 a.m. Wednesday in a ceremony in front of the police station.

The ceremony featured a wreath presentation, a moment of silence, and a gun salute.

The monument used to be beside the courthouse in downtown New Bern, but was recently moved to the New Bern Police Department following the shooting death of Thalmann.

Thalmann was shot in the face by Bryan Augustus Stallings on March 28 in the Craven Terrace area and died on March 31, investigators said. Thalmann was 22 years old. (CLICK HERE to read more.)

NewsChannel 12 spoke with Sgt. Derek Dubay, who was at Craven Terrace on the night Thalmann was shot.

"He was a great guy. The night in question it was, it was a very tough experience for everybody involved," He said.

Sgt. Dubay said he met Thalmann through training classes.

"He was the sponge. Every time you looked, he way always wanted to learn more," Sgt. Dubay said. "He'd come to you after class and try to get as much knowledge as he could. He was a great guy. The night in question-- it was... it was a very tough experience for everybody involved."

Dubay said he is glad Officer Justin Wester, who was also shot that night, is back on duty.

"Justin is back at work. It's been a really good thing to see him back to kind of help everybody more forward," he explained.

Thalmann's mother, Stacey Thalmann, was in attendance at Wednesday's ceremony. She laid a rose on a wreath in honor of her son.

Other fallen law enforcement officers honored at Wednesday's ceremony include:

New Bern Police Sgt. Carl Mayo Jr. - died in 1960.
Craven County Deputy Toby Taylor - died in 1963.
Craven County Deputy Jeffrey Matheny - died in 2000.
New Bern Police Detective Donald Miller - died in 2001.

During the ceremony, five empty chairs with a rose on each seat represented the five officers who lost their lives.

The guest speaker for the event was Ron Matthews, president of North Carolina Concerns of Police Survivors (NC-COPS) and father of a law enforcement officer who was killed in the line of duty. Members of several law enforcement agencies from across the state attended as well.

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