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    Stocks give investors a big October treat

    If you exited the stock market earlier this month, you sure have something to "boo" about this Halloween.

    October turned out to be a nice treat for investors. Those who stayed in are having an extra Happy Halloween.

    The S&P 500 is on track to end the m...



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Zombie, monster, Halloween

The business of zombies (it's booming!)

The undead are giving life to the U.S. economy. Learn more about how the horror genre is taking off.

William Refrigerator Perry

William 'Refrigerator' Perry may lose his home

William "Refrigerator" Perry used to be a household name, but these days he's fallen upon hard times in South Carolina.

Pumping gas

Gas prices near lowest level in 4 years

The recent drop in crude oil prices means big savings for many Americans at the gas pump.


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