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    Top 1%: What they made, what they paid

    What does it take to make it into the top 1%?

    In 2012, it took at least $435,000 in adjusted gross income to be considered one of the fabled top 1% households, according to the latest data from the IRS.

    That's a healthy jump from the $389,000 it took t...



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Secret Santa pays off $50K Walmart layaway

A Secret Santa in Pennsylvania paid off $50,000 in layaway items at a Walmart.

Netflix on laptop

How Netflix transformed television

Netflix had a great 2014, but increased competition could strain the company in the year to come.

Dubai shoe mall

Entire Dubai mall dedicated to shoes

With more than 300,000 shoes in stock and 1,500 different styles, the Level Shoe District in the Dubai Mall is the largest store of its kind anywhere in the world.


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