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  • Pamela Knighton

    'A scammer stole my tax refund'

    Pamela Knighton, a 51-year-old social worker from Cuthbert, Ga. who earns less than $25,000 a year, had been really looking forward to her $4,300 tax refund last year.

    But when she filed her taxes last February, her return was rejected. An IRS agent ...


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Pumping gas

Gas prices soar above $4 a gallon in Calif.

Even in California, where drivers are used to high gas prices, the latest jump above $4 a gallon comes as a surprise.

Taxes, tax forms

Watch out for tax surprises

As you finish up your taxes, watch out for a few items you may not know you need to pay taxes on.

Tax time

Haven't filed your taxes? Consider an extension

It's tax season again. Accountants like John Rodriguez say people who owe money to the IRS tend to push it off often not realizing you can file an extension. That’s one way to make filing your taxes a little less painful if you haven't done it yet.


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