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  • Black Friday rush 1

    Black Friday: The ultimate holiday shopping guide

    Stores have publicized the pre-sales, promotions and teaser ads all month ahead of the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

    The good news for retailers is that shoppers are ready to spend 25 percent more this year than last year -- or an average of $369 eac...



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Iran opening 2

Iranians see a better future ahead

Iranians have suffered for a decade under economic sanctions, but many of them see a different future as the country works to establish better relations with the global community.

Black Friday shopping mall

Here are 3 tips to survive Black Friday

Worried about Black Friday shopping? We'll tell you the three things that will help you survive the shopping frenzy.

Donald Trump immigration taxes

Trump doubles down on immigration plan

Erin Burnett takes on Donald Trump on immigrants and taxes.


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