Mom: Driving toddler a big mistake

Mom: Driving toddler a big mistake

ONSLOW COUNTY - The family of a Camp Lejeune Marine says letting their 2-year-old son drive a car, and posting a video of it on Facebook, was a big mistake.

"I feel bad for doing it and I wasn't thinking, we weren't thinking," said mom Angelina Madrid.

The video shows Giovanni Madrid, 2, sitting on his father Marcos Madrid's lap steering the vehicle. 

Angelina says the family was driving on Fowler Manning road, near their home in Richlands, when Giovanni, who loves cars, asked if he could drive.  Without thinking, Angelina says they allowed the toddler to sit behind the steering wheel.

Legal experts say this violates several traffic laws including careless and reckless driving as well as a child-restraint violation.

Now, Angelina says that Marcos -- a corporal in the Marine Corps -- is worried about his future. Marcos finished his first four years in the Corps this week, and was hoping to re-enlist. Angelina said they are now worried what Marcos' commanding officers might think and that he might not be able to re-enlist.

Angelina says she hopes other parents will learn from their mistake. 

Giovanni's grandmother, Tracee Ramos, says that he is a loved child.  "My son-in-law and my daughter take very good care of my grandson, I love my grandson," says Ramos.

The Madrid family says this is the first and last time that Giovanni is getting behind the wheel, without a driver's license.

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