Mock DWI crash warns students of drunk driving

Mock DWI crash warns students of drunk driving

NEW BERN - With prom season underway, students are getting a reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Local law enforcement and emergency responders staged a simulated DWI crash outside New Bern High School Friday morning. The mock showed students the result of destructive driving decisions, like drinking behind the wheel.

"Prom is coming up, graduation is coming up, and sometimes this age group feels a little bit invincible," Toussaint Summers, chief of the New Bern Police Department, said.

"It was a reality check that this does happen and it could happen to me or anybody," Cynthia Pettis, president of the group Students Against Drunk Driving at New Bern High School, said.

First responders showed up to the simulated wreck to find one student killed and another seriously hurt at the hands of a drunk driver.

"I felt kind of scared because I never want to be in that situation," Joshua McMunn, a sophomore who played the drunk driver, said.

The event was organized as a message to students before prom on Saturday.

A third of all alcohol-related traffic fatalities involving teens occur during the months of April, May and June, according to the national highway traffic safety administration.

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