Missing Washington County man is remembered

Missing Washington County man is remembered

ROPER, WASHINGTON COUNTY - Craig Swain of Washington County may be missing in body, but his spirit is very much remembered by those who love and care about him.

That was shown at a vigil held in his honor on Monday night by his family, and attended by friends, community members and law enforcement.

In February of 2008, Washington County deputies say Swain was reported missing. Officials say he was last seen at a Super Bowl Party on Jones White Road. When leaving that party, witnesses say he hit a parked car. After a verbal confrontation occurred between Swain and the driver of that car, Swain left.

Deputies say that is when law enforcement was called to respond to the minor fender bender. Deputies caught up with who they believed to be Swain, driving on Reek Road and a police chase ensued. Deputies say they believe the person they were chasing was Swain, because it matched the vehicle description of his truck as well as the vehicle involved in the fender bender. Deputies also say the person driving matched Swain's description.

The vehicle authorities believed Swain to be driving then crashed on Reek Road. A deputy then saw the driver get out the vehicle. After that, the driver disappeared.

Days later, deputies arrived at the address of Swain's parents to deliver a citation for a hit and run. That is when his parents informed authorities they had not heard from Swain since the night of the Superbowl party, said deputies.

Six years later, Swain is still missing. That is something that continues to haunt and disturb those who love him. Swain's first vigil was held to show the public that those who care about him still want answers.

"The vigil is just for the benefit of showing that we still love our brother," said Swain's sister, Marlene Chance.  "And we want him home. And if he's gone, or if he's alive, or if he's dead, we still want a memory. We still want conclusion."

Family members believe that someone knows more information and would like for them to come forward so Swain's family and friends can have closure.

"We don't know what really happened, because you don't know where he's at," said another one of Swain's sisters, Darelene Swain. "We can't find his body, it's just something is wrong. It's very hard, it's very hard every day. You know, not a day goes by that I don't miss my brother."

If you have any information regarding Swain's disappearance, you can contact the Washington County Sheriff's office.

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