Missing teen arrested after high speed chase

Vehicle was reported stolen

Missing teen arrested after high speed chase

KINSTON - A missing Greenville 15-year-old was arrested Sunday morning after a high speed chase in the city.

It started at the corner of East Shine and South Tiffany streets in Kinston when a police officer tried to pull over a 2003 KIA Sorento with a busted headlamp. Police said the vehicle didn't stop and a chase began. The vehicle reached speeds of 85 mph during the 3.7 mile chase.

The chase ended in a neighborhood when police say the car flipped over. On the 2200 block of Cedar Lane, the car took a right onto Hanover Road. It was a short road into a dead end. The car banked right through an open field and back yard. Upon circling a home, the car re-entered Cedar Lane and crashed.

That home was Kim Kilpatrick's. She was asleep but was awakened by the chase.

"After it stopped, there was a big cloud of smoke that came up from the front of the car," Kilpatrick said. "It's sad! The young people now have no guidance. No respect. Back in the day when I was growing up, we didn't have all of this mess. I never thought I would live to see the day that Kinston would be the way it is now."

Police arrested the 15-year-old and discovered the KIA had been reported stolen.

No one was hurt in the wreck.

The juvenile was charged with Larceny of a motor vehicle, felony eluding police and driving without a license. As of Sunday, the juvenile was being held in a Pitt County juvenile detention facility.

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