Missing student found safe in Germany

British Airways employee recognizes student at airport

First interview with family & friends after student found in Germany

LA GRANGE - A missing Kansas college student has been found in Germany nearly three weeks after traveling there without telling her friends or family.
Twenty-year-old Emilee Irsik, a junior at Emporia State University, was with German authorities when she called her family around noon Thursday. Her mother, Sherry Irsik, of La Grange, N.C., said she is "thrilled beyond measure" and looking forward to being reunited with her daughter.

Thursday at 4:45 p.m. Central European Time, Irsik appeared at the counter of British Airways at Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport in order to buy a flight ticket to the United States. The worker at the counter recognized that she was dealing with the missing 20-year-old American, and contacted the state police.

Detectives of the police commissariat 34th branch of the airport investigated further.

A first interview revealed that the American had taken a trip through Germany from Hamburg to Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Rostock, Sassnitz, and back to Hamburg.

The American student had heard nothing of the search efforts. She is unhurt and now wants to return home.
Irsik's mother said she did not speak long with her daughter and had "zero information" about what happened.
Emilee Irsik had been studying German at Emporia State in Kansas. She left Oct. 19 during the school's fall break and landed the next day in Hamburg.
Her roommates notified the school when Irsik didn't show up for classes Oct. 22.


The family of Emilee Irsik has not seen or heard from her since she left on a trip for Germany two weeks ago, and now they're doing everything they can to find her.

Emilee's parents live in Kinston, but it was her college roommates who first reported her missing when she didn't return to Emporia State University after fall break.

According to flight records, Emilee arrived in Hamburg, Germany, on Oct. 20. There is no record of her or any sightings since.

Even though Emilee planned to study abroad in Germany nest year, she didn't tell her family about last month's trip. Emilee did want to visit Germany and see some schools there, her mother said.

Sherry Irsik, Emilee's mother, said leaving without telling anyone is out of character for her daughter.

If you have any information on Emilee's disappearance, you are asked to call the Emporia State University police at 620-341-5337; you can also call the state department at 202-647-4000 and ask to be transferred to the on-duty officer in Berlin, Germany.

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