Missing little girl rescued under bridge

Missing Little Girl Rescued Under Bridge

PITT COUNTY - A 10-year-old girl who went missing Tuesday night was found and rescued from under the Faulkland Bridge after a five-hour search.

Bailey Bartlett was reported missing from her home on Bud Parker Road in Belvoir around 5 p.m. Tuesday. Sheriff's deputies said they were told Bailey was out playing in the yard with her sisters and brother when she disappeared.  The children's grandmother was looking out for them while their parents were at work.

Officials said she walked down a path from her home and got lost as it got dark, and she must have thought she was headed towards the bridge near her home but ended up at the Faulkland Bridge near the boat ramp.

Authorities said the entire community came out to help in the search. Marshall Bowen and his friend, Al, ended up hearing her screaming and found her around 10:30 p.m. 

"It sounded like a small yelp and my friend Al said 'hey did you hear that ?' and I said 'yeah' and I turned the truck off so we could be real quiet," Bowen said.

The men used a flashlight to spot Bailey underneath the bridge.

"I threw her a flashlight down so she'd have it. [She had] mosquitoes all over her and she looked terrible. I chained it to the side of the bridge and then I just scaled down the chain and got down there where I could be with her," Bowen said.

Bowen said Bailey gave him a hug as soon as he got down there.

Rescue crews arrived and then used a boat to bring her and Bowen to safety.

Pitt County Deputies, the Highway Patrol, the Down East Search and Rescue, and several local fire departments assisted in the search.

Bowen said despite some dehydration and the bug bites she was doing okay.

"She sucked the first bottle of water down and never took a breath but she was happy to see me and I was more happy to see her," Bowen said.

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