Miss North Carolina returns to the Tar Heel State

Arlie Honeycutt will use scholarship money to continue her education

Miss North Carolina returns to the Tar Heel State

GREENVILLE - Fletcher Music Center is home to royalty.  Arlie Honeycutt is the reigning Miss North Carolina and is a voice performance major at ECU.  She took the year off from her studies to fulfill the duties of Miss North Carolina which included competing in the Miss America pageant.

"You pretty much hit the ground running.  You're doing rehearsals.  You're doing appearances with the Miss America contestants and the organization.  You have interviews.  It's a lot of fun," said Honeycutt.

She won the preliminary talent competition which awarded her thousands of dollars in scholarships.  That money will go towards achieving her ultimate goal of being a classical voice soloist.

"To have the opportunity to use that to further my education is really awesome.  My big goal with Miss America is to get grad school started," said Honeycutt.

The job is more than hairspray and rhinestones. In fact, the shape of the crown has four key points that describe her service.

"We have four points on our crown, and they stand for service, style, scholarship and success.  Going out and making it your mission to fulfill those four points is really what it's all about," said Honeycutt.

To the little girls who aspire to become the future Miss North Carolina, it's not too early to start giving back.

"Start finding those ways to serve.  Start finding those things that interest you and those causes that you care about and start figuring out ways to get involved with those causes," said Honeycutt.

Miss North Carolina is looking to re-enroll at ECU this fall.

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