Ministry group distributes food to people in need

Ministry group distributes food to people in need (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Volunteers from The Anointed Ones Ministries distributed boxes of food to people needing help during the holiday season.

After collecting the food at the Food Bank in Greenville on Wednesday, the group handed out the boxes Thursday morning at their location on Queen Street in Grifton.

"This is very important especially with where things are at with the economy these days," Petrina Ewing, a volunteer with the organization said.

Ewing helps people like Jimmy Allen.

"Getting some food to last me through Christmas I hope to help me get through Christmas," he said.

Allen is grateful for the Good Samaritans and their generosity. Without it, he doesn't know what he would do.

"If you don't get it you might not eat one day. So, it helps a lot, it helps a very lot," he said.

Joann Mitchell is in the same boat as Allen. She depends on the help to survive.

"Food stamps don't give you that much. And so you have to have something to go on. So I enjoy coming down here and picking up my little box and then going on home," Mitchell said.

"We are here to meet that need. We are here to fill in the gap to meet the need for those who need food, clothing," Ewing said.

This isn't a need that just pops up when Santa comes to town. The group distributes food all year round.

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Food Banks of Central and Eastern Carolina work year-round, collecting donations and distributing food to people in need.

Volunteers from The Anointed Ones Ministries loaded up their van at the Food Bank in Greenville on Wednesday.

"Turkey, we picked up rice, we picked up cereal, Pringles, pickles, chicken, a lot of assortment of items for the families," Sharon Jarman said.

The church group from Ayden comes every week to collect food from the Food Bank in Greenville and then distributes it to people in need.

"So many families do not have things for Christmas especially food. And so we thank God for the Food Bank because it helps us out as well in getting some food items that they need," Jarman said.

"You know we might get 82 customers that come in a day on Thursdays and Saturdays that are in need," Julie Ahart said.

For Christmas, the ministry is preparing boxes filled with food and toys to give to 100 families who signed up for help.

"It is their Christmas present.  It's a joy because the boxes are going to be wrapped in Christmas paper all dressed up with their name on it. And have all the food items in [them]," Jarman said.

"More children are hungry than people really realize and so when we help the whole family unit you know it's a great opportunity to reach out to the community," Ahart said.

The Anointed Ones Ministries special Christmas box distribution is set to take place on Tuesday.

NewsChannel 12 personalities will be at the malls of Greenville, New Bern and Jacksonville starting at 4 p.m. on Friday for the "Share Your Christmas" food drive.

Come share the spirit of giving by bringing non-perishable food items to our five locations between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

You can also drop off donations at the Wal-Mart in Morehead City and the commissary at Cherry Point.

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