Military mom surprises son at school

Marine sergeant comes home in time for Thanksgiving

Military mom surprises son at school

CRAVEN COUNTY - It's library time at Bridgeton Elementary School.  Today, Kaden Moore and his classmates are naming some leaders in their community.

"The military and fire fighters are in our community," said Kaden.

The military hits home with Kaden because like many kids, his mom is deployed overseas, or so he thinks.

"She fights for our country.  She's in Afghanistan," said Kaden.

Sgt. Moore is hiding feet away waiting to surprise Kaden.

"He has no idea I'm home.  He told my mom the other day, he couldn't wait until I get home," said Sgt. Moore.

Teachers, staff and administrators planned to use Quick Resource (QR) Codes which will give hints to the students.  They will guess the community leader.  What Kaden doesn't know is that the three clues will lead him straight to his mom.

"I think he'll be excited. I actually haven't seen him in a year," said Sgt. Moore.

The students guess their principal, the school nurse, the lunch lady and the final guess was Kaden's mom. 

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