Michigan man allegedly sells pot to Camp Lejeune Marines

A Michigan man was accused of working with a Camp Lejeune Marine to sell marijuana to other Marines on base.

According to The Daily News, 35-year-old Dustin Kauffman, of Jackson, Michigan, was arrested over the weekend. Authorities said they found more than 311 marijuana plants, worth almost $1,000,000, at Kauffman's five homes.

NCIS investigators said a Camp Lejeune Marine made three road trips a month to Michigan for the past year and a half, to buy marijuana from Kauffman. The Marine then allegedly sold the drug to other Marines at Camp Lejeune.

Investigators have arrested the Marine who allegedly worked with Kauffman, but did not release his name.

Kauffman was arraigned Tuesday in Michigan on marijuana and weapons charges. Investigators said Kauffman may also face federal charges for selling marijuana to Marines.


For more information, visit The Daily News.

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