Meth lab found in Fayetteville home

FAYETTEVILLE, WTVD - The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office blocked off streets around a home in the area of Surrey and Holmfield roads Friday afternoon after a report of hazardous chemicals in a house.

It happened in the Gates Four subdivision.

Around 3:30 p.m., deputies received a call from a homeowner who had been renting out a room in the 7000 block of Holmfield.

When they got there, officials said there was a chemical odor permeating the area.  Inside the home was a methamphetamine lab setup.

Deputies said they were evaluating the situation to see what type of chemicals were involved and how best to deal with them.

Home immediately next to the house involved were evacuated. People won't be allowed to return until there's no danger.

There were no injuries.

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