Meth lab busts down in Onslow Co.

Reporter: Katy Harris

Onslow Co meth lab busts decrease

RICHLANDS, ONSLOW COUNTY - Major TJ Cavanagh of the Onslow County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division says last year there were 46 meth lab busts, compared to 10 this year to date.
He says the reason there are fewer meth lab busts so far this year, is because the suspects caught cooking meth last year are now locked up.

"We have really, really come down hard on the methamphetamine cooks and we have a lot of them in jail right now so they're not out on the streets cooking anymore."
One of the most recent meth lab busts in Onslow Co. occurred back in February when three people were arrested for cooking meth on Dails Lane in Richlands.

"I mean we get vandalized, we get guns shooting off back here all the time, you know, you get back here and you can just about hear banjos playing when you go around the corner," says Dails Lane resident Melissa Gray.
Gray says she's seen the drug activity on her road for years.
She says even though the number of meth lab busts are down for 2014, she still thinks there is more drug activity going on under the radar.

"I would love to let my son be allowed off my property but it's going to take more than one year of improvement to do that."
Major Cavanagh says meth lab busts might be down, but now his division has to worry about other drugs popping up in its place.

Cavanagh says heroin has steadily been increasing in place of methamphetamine.

Heroin is coming into Onslow Co. from Wilmington and Greenville, but also from out of state.

Cavanagh says it's easier to buy heroin off the street than risk making a meth lab when there have been so many meth lab busts in Onslow Co.

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