Meteor Shower This Weekend

Meteor Shower This Weekend

Every August, the Perseid Meteor shower lights up the sky. This year, clouds will hinder viewing on Saturday evening, but the shower should last from the night of August 11th through the 13th. The Perseid Meteor shower is known for being the best annual meteor shower. NASA scientists say this weekend, skies could average as many as 100 meteors per hour.

Meteors will start to appear as shooting stars around 10 or 11 O'clock at night. But best viewing is the dark pre-dawn hours. There isn't any particular direction to look when watching the shower. Meteors will soar across all parts of the sky. But if you find the Perseus Constellation, in the northern sky you may see a few extra.

This weekend has an added bonus. Jupiter, Venus and the crescent moon will all align by Sunday.

For the best viewing of the night-time sky be sure to stay away from city lights and check the forecast for cloud cover.

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