Mental rehabilitation facility may have to close


LifeQuest, Incorporated, a medicaid-funded program that helps adults with mental and substance abuse issues, may have to close up shop if they don't win an appeal to receive their funding.

The facility currently helps 70 adults between the ages of 19 years-old and 72-years-old overcome the daily obstacles to become more independent. 

The program offers GED classes and teaches the adults valuable skills like reading and how to use a computer. They also have stores like The Snack Shop or clothing store, where patients can work and learn how to balance their cash registers.

However, that may all come to an end in less than 30 days. The facility received a letter from East Carolina Behavioral Health that found them 76% not in compliance.

Adam Congleton, the program's director said it would be such a shame if LifeQuest, Incorporated had to close down.

"Our goal is to keep our doors open and continue to be an effective service for those in our community. Without a place like this many of the [patients] are going to jeopardize the ground that they have made," he said.

Congleton said their biggest issue with the failed review is that they've never had any problems with compliance since they opened 8 years ago. Also, they weren't given specifics on how to fix the things that weren't in compliance.

East Carolina Behavioral Health said the facility has 20 days to appeal the decision. They are allowed to appeal up to three times if they don't get approved during the first appeals process.

In order to become compliant, the program must prove all medical services are needed for each of the patients receiving medicaid funding. That's according to a spokeswoman for East Carolina Behavioral Health.

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