Memorial Day flag issues

Memorial Day flag issues

EASTERN CAROLINA - Flags outside of some public buildings and public spaces weren't lowered to half-staff in Craven and Jones counties on Memorial Day.

NewsChannel 12 was asked by viewers to figure out the reason for this.

Viewers in Jones County alerted us that flags outside of the Jones County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Post Office, Department of Social Services, Jones County Courthouse and Trenton Fire Department had not been lowered.

Viewers in Craven County alerted us that flags outside of City Hall, The National Cemetery and Union Point Park had not been lowered.

We reached out to officials in both of these counties.

The Jones County Sheriff informed us that it was not done intentionally, and that it was an oversight. After it was brought to the department's attention, the flag was lowered by an official to show respect. The Sheriff says he and many of his deputies are veterans.

The Mayor of New Bern informed us that he is going to look into the issue, and will figure out what happened.

One viewer we spoke with lives in Jones County and decided to take it upon himself to lower flags in front of a few of the public buildings to show respect. Michael Murrell says he and a friend went to the Jones County Courthouse, Department of Social Services, Trenton Fire Department and the U.S. Postal Service to lower the flags.

"I feel like the county and city official really dropped the ball on this one," Murrell said.

According to flag etiquette, flags are raised to full staff at noon on Memorial Day as a symbol to rise up and continue to fight for those who died, and not let their sacrifice be in vain. Experts say if you fly a flag that cannot be placed at half-staff, then proper etiquette is to put a black ribbon at the top of the staff.

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