Medical marijuana boosters rally at NC legislature

0212 marijuana legal

 The head of North Carolina's Democratic Party says the Republican-controlled state legislature should give a bill to legalize medical marijuana an honest up or down vote.
Democratic Party chair Randy Voller spoke Tuesday to about 200 people who rallied at the Legislative Building in Raleigh in support of making North Carolina the 19th state to legalize the possession and use of small amounts of pot with a doctor's prescription.

In New Bern, a woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer says the drug helps cancer patients cope with after effects from chemo therapy.

"If the person is actually sick and going though pain {and } medicines that they're giving them is not working, that should be an option," said the woman who did not want to be identified.   

If passed some speculate the Bill could generate $250,000,000 in revenue for the State with in the first four years. It would benefit cancer patients, those living with Lou Gehrig's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other illnesses. The bill would also prevent schools, employers, and landlords from discriminating against patients for being a cardholder or having cannabis in their system.

 The Enact Medical Cannabis Act was filed by two Democratic lawmakers last week. Past marijuana legalization bills have died in committee. However, GOP House speaker Thom Tillis says he wouldn't rule out a well-crafted bill that allowed cancer patients and others with serious illnesses from having access to marijuana as long as strong safeguards were in place to prevent widespread use.

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