Medic Bus Helps With Mass Evacuations

CARTERET COUNTY - Normally paramedics would only be able to transport one person to the hospital. Now, the Morehead City Fire Department can take care of more with the medic bus.  Randy Shaffer with MCFD helped design it.

"It's for mass casualty.  It's for mass gatherings.  It's for mass evacuations," said Shaffer.

Crews can be the most help at events where every second counts.  The bus is equipped with oxygen, supplies and everything needed to treat a patient with any type of injury.  It puts future nurses like Ashley Crump at ease.

"It make you feel more comfortable working in nursing knowing that you have this on hand in case a disaster happens," said Crump.

The 42-foot bus can hold a maximum of 36 people for 96 hours.  The Morehead City  Fire Department has only had it for seven months, and they've used it three times.

"We were requested to report to the scene of a vehicle school bus accident, and we wound up transporting eight students from that bus," said Shaffer.

Vitals can be monitored on a screen, and patient information can be written on the dry erase wall.  This is one of seven buses in the state.

"I think honestly every county should have one but it's good that they're here and able to help other counties," said Crump.

So more people can get help from this mass medic motor vehicle.

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