MCAS Cherry Point collects trees

Cherry Point offers tree recycling

Eastern Carolina - MCAS Cherry Point is starting a collection for the first time ever, to take old Christmas trees to the beach.

The collection started the day after Christmas but organizers say they don't anticipate most drop-offs to occur until after the New Year.

"Fort Macon has a beach nourishment project where they take the trees and they line the sand dunes with them so that they sand will build up over the trees," said Kelsi Holsey, Environmental Engineer of the Environmental Affairs Department for MCAS Cherry Point.

Trees placed in the sand will help stop erosion for a full ten years before decomposing. Fort Macon has been collecting trees on site for several years, but the collection this year is a first for the air station.

"A supervisor had the idea and though it would be a good way to contribute to the community so we just kind of put it in gear." said Holsey.

Organizers on-base say they anticipate a good amount of trees because MCAS Cherry Point was a recipient of the Trees for Troops program earlier this year.  Fort Macon officials have agreed to take about 350 trees from the air base.

Trees will be collected at MCAS Cherry Point at two locations. The first, in Nugent Cove at the Fitness Connection Parking Lot. The second in Grant's Landing, at the Boy Scout Building Parking Lot.

Collection will continue on base till January 7th. Anyone can drop off a tree at Fort Macon until January, 21st.

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