Maysville breaks ground on a new recycling center

Maysville breaks ground on a new recycling center

MAYSVILLE, JONES COUNTY - City leaders in Jones County said they are trying to reduce pollution and provide a cleaner environment by opening a recycling center.

Friday morning the town of Maysville held a groundbreaking for a new go green recycling center.

Senator Harry Brown said it has been three years in the making.

"When 90 percent of the material that comes here will be recycled that's a real win," He explained.

Officials said the recycling center will cost around $5 million and add 20 plus jobs for the town of Maysville.

Although, not everyone is happy to see this place open its doors. Shelia lives beside the new recycling center.

"I don't really like it too much. It's pretty noisy, a lot of big trucks coming in and out and a lot of traffic. I even feel the vibrations sometimes in the house from stuff that are doing back here," she said.

Shelia said many people are worried it will decrease property value and pollute well water.

Owner James Meadz said the water used at this facility will be kept out of the water system.

"Everyone thinks we are taking sanitation waste which is house hold garbage waste, and we are so not taking that," he explained.

Officials said they hope to open the doors this October. The facility will be available to any county that borders Jones County.

"When builders build houses all that excess material they have left over, instead of all of that going to a landfill and rotting away we are going to recycle all of that material," Meadz said.

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