Mayor offers reward in town hall, cruiser vandalism

SIMPSON - The police department in Simpson has an investigation going on right in its front yard.

The town's new police cruiser, which hadn't even been covered in the departmental decals, was the subject of a graffiti artist overnight Sunday.

When an official arrived Monday, blue spray paint was seen on several parts of the Ford cruiser. In addition to the blue squiggles painted was a message to the "popo" which featured an R-rated word.

Also hit was an area of the town hall's wall.

Mayor David Boyd said he was disgusted when he saw the vandalism.  Boyd is now offering a $300 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"They have what I call a perverted sense of enjoyment...I was purely disgusted. I was upset. I was angry. I was frustrated because we had worked hard to get the vehicle," he said.

The new cruiser was to replace the one that was totaled after Chief John Waters crashed into a house in August. He has since been recovering at home and there hasn't been a police officer working in the village.

The mayor said the plan was to hire a part-time police officer until Waters returned to duty; however, with the new cruiser now vandalized it is unclear when someone will be hired for the position. 

Boyd said in his ten years as mayor this type of crime has never happened and he hopes whoever did it gets caught.

"We refuse to be intimidated. They can do what they want but we will certainly try and do all that we can to maintain a police department in this town because it is needed," Boyd said.

The town hall meeting scheduled for Monday night was cancelled due to this incident. Mayor Boyd said they plan to reschedule the meeting.

Police are investigating. Anyone with information about this crime can call the Simpson Police Department at (252) 757-0101.

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