Mayor of Pine Knoll Shores declares State of Emergency

PINE KNOLL SHORES, CARTERET COUNTY - The following is a news release from Brian Kramer, the town manager of Pine Knoll Shores:

"The mayor has issued a State of Emergency for Pine Knoll Shores effective at 1:30 p.m. [Wednesday], July 2, 2014. This declaration is made in light of the approaching storm and is preparatory in nature-- by doing so, we'll be ready to ask for assistance should we need to. Nothing has changed since our last report regarding the storm.

"In the event of a power loss: if there are any homes in PKS that require electricity for medical purposes, please call 911 and a PKS Public Safety officer will be dispatched to your home.

"We have a pair of good-hearted citizens with back-up generators for their homes who have offered to take in any PKS neighbors and their caregivers should there be a need for power for oxygen tanks or other med gear. The PKS officers will know about this when you explain this to them.  Upon losing power, please call 911 to arrange this."

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