Martin County Authorities Round-Up Drug Suspects

Martin County Authorities Round-Up Drug Suspects (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

WILLIAMSTON - The Martin County Narcotics Unit was out to round up 20 criminals.

With their guns ready and the house surrounded, authorities make their move.

"I think it could be hit or miss. Most of the time with operations like this we have pretty much a good idea of where they are going to be and when they're going to be there," Lt. Drew Robinson said.

On Thursday, the narcotics unit along with other agencies, rode around rounding up a slew of drug dealers they've been tracking for the last five months.

"Some of these people we're dealing with have violent backgrounds. Some of these people that we're dealing with don't want to get arrested," Robinson said.

When deputies arrived at one suspect's home, they found more than just their suspect. They also found his good friend, Mary Jane.

"He led us to his marijuana where there was more marijuana, packaging materials, scales and a 38 revolver," Robinson said.

Authorities inspected the suspect's car, making sure they didn't leave any drugs behind.   

Out of the 20 people they were on the hunt for, officers came back with thirteen suspects

Each person had to be fingerprinted and take a mugshot.

Sheriff Dan Gibbs said they are trying to curb crime in the county.

"A lot of the time the public wants to ask questions and I try to answer their questions because [the officers] don't have time to sit there and talk to the public," Sheriff Gibbs said.

"When they see us out there being proactive. When they see us out doing whatever we can do to remove that element that criminal element from the neighborhood they like to see that," Robinson said.

Martin County Sheriff's Office is still looking for the following people:

KeBrae Odero Brown, of Ballfield Lane in Williamston

Kristofer Ambrose, of White Oak Road in Plymouth

James Zachary Spruill, of Nathan Roberson Road in Williamston

Lance Deon Spruill, of West Green Street in Robersonville

Matthew Kyle Keel, of Big Oak Road in Robersonville

Tominic LeJames Bess, of NC Hwy 125 in Williamston

Lisa Bridgette Sessoms, of Gatlin Street in Williamston

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these people is asked to contact the Martin County Sheriff's Office.


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