Marines sharpen war skills

MAW conducts largest East Coast exercise in 10 years

CAMP LEJEUNE - The 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing is conducting a large-scale training exercise aboard Camp Lejeune and every Marine aviation installation on the East Coast. The week-long operation has been dubbed Exercise Mailed Fist.   It's designed to prepare U.S. Marines for combat.

Units from 2nd MAW are conducting various training exercises such as rapid ground refueling, casualty evacuation and close-air support.  These are all vital functions of Marine aviation.

"We want to perfect it by the time we get to country," said Staff Sgt. George Oliver.

Oliver has taken part in a MEU and deployed to Haiti, Afghanistan and twice to Iraq.  On Thursday, Oliver took part in a rapid ground refueling exercise, where 46 aircraft refueled tanks.  Oliver said practice allows Marines to perform these functions as quickly as possible on the front lines; however, he said there's an unknown element in combat.

"In country, you're really looking for somebody because you never know when somebody may be looking for you," said Oliver.

2nd MAW units from MCAS Cherry Point, NC, MCAS New River, NC, and MCAS Beaufort, SC, took part in this exercise.

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