Marines Save Lives of Pitt County Couple

Five Troops Become Heroes On Memorial Day

CARTERET COUNTY - Sergeant Michael Spina, Lance Corporal Anthony Guzman, Lance Corporal Wesley Edwards, Sergeant Anthony Wilson and Private First Class Roger Archer were enjoying their Memorial Day at the beach, but noticed the water was less than inviting.

"You could feel the under tow just wanting to pull you out.  You could feel the sand shifting from underneath your feet," said LCpl. Guzman.

There were in the water playing a game called "Chicken" when they heard two people in trouble. 

"It it wasn't for the fact we were sitting on each others' shoulders, we would have never seen the man," said Sgt. Spina.

A man and woman were about 80 feet out and could not get back to shore.  The Marines sprang into action.  Sgt. Spina reached the fatigued man and knew he had to act fast.

"We said, sir, you are not going to die today.  You have our word on it.  We're not going to let you die today.  You're not going to die in this ocean," said Sgt. Spina.

The man's wife was in trouble, too.  In the midst of the rescue, LCpl. Edwards had to keep himself calm from the couple.

"I just had to keep telling myself and reassuring myself as I was reassuring them that everything was going to be ok," said LCpl. Edwards.

Lifeguards were alerted  and helped pull the couple to shore.  The Marines have kept in contact with the couple and say they are doing fine.  They don't consider themselves heroes.

"A hero will run towards disaster while everyone else is running away," said Sgt. Spina.

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