Marines and sailors aboard Camp Lejeune are running for 24 hours to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

"They're our brothers, so we need them right beside of us and care for them as our own family," said Sgt. Dequane Smith.

It's a R.A.C.E. that could save lives.

"Recognize Marines and sailors that are in distress," said Capt. Jimmy Lindemann. "Ask them if they're having thoughts of harming themselves, show that compassion and the Care, and Escort them to the appropriate outlet whether that's the chaplain or a counseling service."

Groups of 10 are running in relays. The units that run the most laps in 24 hours wins.

"We have higher incidents and higher instances of suicide and I think it's from the experiences that the service members have had," said SSgt. Matthew Jones.

Smith says he's lost several fellow service members in his own company.

"Everyone that takes a life -- their own life, is taking away from our fight, our mission," Smith said. "It's sad because when you're talking to them and the next thing, they're just gone. Sometimes you don't always see the signs -- some depression, they won't talk as much as they usually do, training value will go down."

But while these Marines and sailors run, they "let people know that there's help available and there's support available," Jones said.

Support that goes much further than the dozens of miles run.

"Just seeing this many guys out here, and us doing it for 24 hours, the motivation, the experience, it just makes everyone care," Smith said.