Marines prepare for land-falling hurricane

Marines prepare for land-falling hurricane

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Onslow County - The threat of a land-falling hurricane is always a very real possibility for us here in eastern Carolina. Our seas and skies are quiet for now, but military bases like Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune are planning ahead.

This week has been dedicated to running a drill simulating a land-falling hurricane. This means the Emergency Operations Center, which is usually empty, is fully stocked. Humvees are being manned, and the Red Cross is making food drop-offs.

Organizers are trying to make the simulation as real as possible. Marines new to the drill like LCpl Buff say the training eliminates uncertainty.

"If it weren't for these exercises and we weren't doing it constantly, then when the actual event or hurricane did come then we wouldn't know exactly how to operate and what to do." said LCpl Buff.

There are three areas on base that will be transformed into shelters in the event of an actual hurricane. In this week's simulation,  only one is being converted into a shelter.

Each shelter will be equipped with cots. Food will be dropped off by the Red Cross. Shelters will also have communication centers that will help people using the shelter to tell loved ones across the country that they are safe.

Hazardous weather drills like this are held as many as three times a year on base.

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