Marines participate in ride for alcohol abuse awareness

Marines participate in ride for alcohol abuse awareness

JACKSONVILLE - Sgt. Jason Winston is riding with a purpose.

"This ride is to show that riders on base know and are aware of the consequences of driving impaired," Winston said.

He and about 50 other motorcyclists took to the streets to promote sober driving and raise awareness about alcohol abuse on and off the military bases.

Camp Lejeune's safety director, Stan Dutko, makes a constant effort to educate Marines about responsible drinking.

"Alcohol and riding a motorcycle doesn't mix, alcohol and driving a car doesn't mix, alcohol and doing a lot of things doesn't mix," Dutko said. "If you do it in moderation and at the appropriate time, then it's all fine, and everyone can enjoy themselves and stay safe."

Dutko says that in 2012, 321 Marines were charged with DUI on and off Camp Lejeune. So far this year, 98 have been charged.

Gunnery Sgt. Jason Taylor wasn't surprised to hear that alcohol is a major contributing factor to causing trouble.

"I agree with that 100 percent that not only on base but off base as well, with people who are out and may not be aware of some of the effects and how alcohol affects them directly," Taylor said. "But especially when they're out on the road, which this event brings that together."

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