Marine surprises entire family at soccer game

Marine surprises entire family at soccer game

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Less than a week before Thanksgiving a surprise homecoming reunites a Marine's family.

Families at the Southwest Soccer Fields in Jacksonville pretended to gear up for a parents' versus kids' soccer game Saturday morning. However, what they were really preparing for was surprising one of their teammates whose dad was coming home from Afghanistan.

Amy Kuttkuhn's husband was deployed in Afghanistan since July.  She didn't expect him to come home until after the holidays.

For the last two months, her daughter's soccer team knew her husband was coming home; they were able to keep it a secret from the Kuttkuhns.

Amy's husband, Marine Staff Sgt. Jeremy Kuttkuhn hid in the woods behind a goal post before the game. His mother had picked him up from the airport at 5 that morning and helped devise a plan to hide.

NewsChannel 12 interviewed Amy, and her daughter Sarah; meanwhile, Staff Sgt. Jeremy crept up behind the two and surprised them.

Staff Sgt. Jeremy was reunited with his wife and four kids.

"It's a blessing to be able to come home and see my family for Thanksgiving, while some people are still over there," said Staff Sgt. Jeremy.

Staff Sgt. Jeremy Kuttkuhn is one of four Marines who were able to come home this weekend from his squadron in Afghanistan.

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