Marine models the American Dream

Beer Army owner finds American Dream

New Bern - Marine Corps Major Dustin Canestorp is fulfilling his American dream. A dream of owning his own brewery.

Canestorp is the owner of Beer Army, a business which recently set plans in place to have a brewery in Trenton.

Canestorp's dream took form in Fallujah.

"My interpreter struck up a conversation with me," Canestorp said, "[He was] an Iraqi national, and he was like, hey can you help me get to the states to pursue the American dream?"

From there, Canestorp took his love of beer to several local festivals. The success started something known as beer army, part love of craft beer and another part honor of the military.

"I truly feel that by executing Beer Army and being successful, we memorialize and celebrate their sacrifice in the American dream," Canestorp said.

Now, Beer Army has evolved into several retail locations, and now a brewery which will hopefully open in February.

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