A Marine is honored for saving a man's life at a high school football game. Marine Sgt. Ty Baker, gave CPR to a fan having a heart attack at a football game at Swansboro High School earlier this month.

Sgt. Ty Baker said he was with his family at that football game when his son asked to go over to the Jacksonville High School side. Sgt. Baker said if his son hadn't told him to go over there he would never have been able to help save Wayne Allen in time.

"I am proud that given the opportunity, I performed and I carried through and that it actually did save a life," Sgt. Baker said.

The long time Jacksonville High School fan, Wayne Allen, had a triple bypass surgery after his heart attack. However, Allen said he is feeling just fine. Allen said he was very happy to meet Sgt. Baker in person Friday.

"Strange enough it was like an instant bond knowing that this guy saved my life. He made it possible for me to be here Friday, and the rest of my life. Its just like we were buddies, instant buddies," Allen said.

Jacksonville High School held a dedication ceremony during half time at their Home Coming game Friday. Jacksonville High School, Onslow County, and the City of Jacksonville honored Sgt. Baker as well as two other people who helped save Wayne Allen's life.