Marine convicted of torching home

Set ex-wife's father's home on fire last year

Marine convicted of torching home

EMERALD ISLE, CARTERET COUNTY - A Marine torches his ex-wife's father's house and locks the family's dog inside the home. That medically discharged Marine, Jamison K. Hardy, pleaded guilty last week to setting that home on fire.

John Ramos' former son in law, Hardy, set his house on fire in February of 2013.

"I had to suffer, still suffering," Ramos said.

Hardy is a Camp Lejeune Marine who was medically discharged shortly after the fire.

"I loved him like a son. I was the one who took him to recruiter. I was the one who took him they day he left to the Marine Corps," Ramos said.

Ramos also lost a dog, named Heath, in this fire. Ramos said Hardy locked the dog in the bathroom.

Ramos said Hardy broke into his home through the side door of his garage. Then Hardy grabbed gasoline from the garage, poured it all over the inside of the home, and set it on fire, according to Ramos.

Police said Hardy couldn't leave the scene once he started the fire, because he left his car keys inside the house.

"I've been going to court every month since this happened," Ramos said.

Hardy was convicted of three different felonies on April 7: second degree arson, breaking and entering and cruelty to animals.

The court ordered Hardy to pay $30,000 in damages. However, Ramos said damages have cost him almost $300,000.

Hardy faces a maximum 21-month sentence in jail.

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