Marine charged with crimes against nature appears in court

1130 Marine sex dog

MAYSVILLE - The Camp Lejeune Marine charged with crimes against nature appeard in court Friday.

Jones County investigators say they received information from a concerned citizen about a neighbor having an inappropriate sexual relationship with neighborhood dogs.  The complaint also specified the Marine had possibly viewed pornographic materials with his children present.  The citizen made the complaint November 15th.

Marc David Harpel, 30, of Maysville was arrested Monday.  Harpel was charged with seven felony counts of crimes against nature, and seven misdemeanor counts of solicitation for crimes against nature. Harpel made his first court appearance Friday.  During that hearing, his bond was increased from $14,000 to $25,000.  Investigators said more charges are pending in the incident involving dogs.

It's believed that Harpel is a faithful member of a social media group called"" with the alleged screen name kyleiraq. The site is designed for people to share explicit photos, has him listed as a member since 2008. It was a piercing and tattoo that  deputies say helped identify Harpel.

Camp Lejeune is also involved in the investigation and held Harpel on base at the brig as a precautionary measure until he was arrested.  If Harpel is able to bond out of jail, he will return to the brig at Lejeune per court instructions by a protective order issued to his family.

The base released the following statement:  "The Marine Corps has been cooperating with the authorities as soon as it learned of this incident.  The actions of Staff Sgt. Harpel are contrary to the high standards of personal conduct and performance expected of Marines and will not be tolerated.  The overwhelming majority of Marines conduct their duties with honor and compassion that brings credit upon the Marine Corps and the United States."

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