Man works to preserve a North Carolina Slave Quarter

Man works to preserve a North Carolina Slave Quarter

Over by the coastal Carolina regional airport sits one of the last free standing slave quarters in North Carolina.


The Crockett-Miller Slave Quarters in James city was built in the 1830s and housed more than 30 slaves.

The building was originally part of a plantation located near where Carolina east hospital now stands in New Bern.

In 1993 the James city historical society relocated the old slave quarters to a more secure location near the airport.


"The only reason it was saved was because it was used as a migrant labor camp, when we got it, it was covered in asbestos, there was no chimney and it was almost in total disrepair" said Ben Watford, Chairman of the board of the James city Historical Society.


Ben Watford and the James city historical society maintain the facility.

They have been working for several years to preserve the quarters.

The quarters are being restored with all periodic materials, like brick and wood made the same way they were in the 1800's.


While most of the restoration is complete, there are still a few things that need to be done.

Like adding a new building to hold artifacts from the 1800's, and maintaining the old slave cemetery which is located on the grounds of the airport.

The facility only has one out house. The group is hoping to raise some money to put in a new public restroom that tourist and school children could use.


Watford has set up a site for anyone wanting to help or donate money the link is posted below.

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