Man with severe brain trauma has benefit run

Man with severe brain trauma has benefit run

HAVELOCK - A man who was put into a coma after an ATV accident in December is getting help from coworkers at FRC East.

John Wayne Hartsough sustained severe brain trauma after a December 22, 2012 accident. Hartsough was sent to the hospital with a fractured neck. He stayed in a coma for almost a month. He wasn't expected to survive. He did, and to help John and his family survive, the Federal Managers Association held a Fun Run 5k and  one mile walk to raise money.

John's wife, Felecia, said she remembered the call when she learned her husband was hurt.

"They called my mom and told them he was in a terrible accident," Hartsough said. "They told me they didn't know if he was going to make it."

After John woke up, doctors learned John had lost some of the use from his left side. John can't stand on his own and can't talk.

"He had shearing all over his brain so parts of his brain was affected," Felecia said. "Luckily his personality wasn't affected. His long term memory has not been affected."

However, John is going through therapy and Felecia hopes he will make a full recovery.

While still in the hospital, Felecia went into labor with the couple's first son, Jackson.

Jackson was born on April 27th at 3:00 p.m. at 8lbs and 1/2oz. He was 20 inches long. Jackson is one of the main reasons the FMA decided to raise money for the family, because Felecia has to take care of her infant son, and her injured husband.

John's long time friend and coworker, Kendall Harper, was at the run in support of the Hartsoughs.

"To stand up and say let's do this together," Harper said. "that's the most important part of it."

In total more than $3,000 were raised to help the family.

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