Man stabbed in Martin County speaks out about being attacked

Man stabbed in Martin County speaks out about being attacked

ROBERSONVILLE, MARTIN COUNTY - Robersonville Police are investigating the stabbing of a man who tells NewsChannel 12 how three men attacked him.

Investigators say it happened around 3:00 am on Wednesday. Police said Kalvin Leary was found outside an apartment in a housing project called Chance Dominion, on Everett Street.

Leary, of Bertie County, tells NewsChannel 12 he was in Robersonville to ring in the New Year with his girlfriend, but that celebration took a turn for the worse when Leary said he was attacked.

"It just happened all of a sudden. I didn't even know it was like this until I walked in the house and the kids started hollering, because they see my face is all bloody and everything," he said.

Leary said when he walked outside of a friend's home, he was confronted by three men walking down the road.

"They were like can I get a cigarette? I was like you can have one, and as I was passing them a cigarette that's when it happened," He explained.

Leary said he tried to fight the men off as they stabbed him in the neck, and cut him multiple times in the face. He said the suspects stole all of his cash and took off.

Leary told NewsChannel 12 he then ran to his girlfriend's home two blocks away for help. He said at the time he didn't even know he had been stabbed and cut multiple times.

"I fell in the house first then came out here and fell out on the ground and that's when a lady came and put pressure on my neck. She held my neck to the ambulance got here," he said.

Leary said he had never seen the men before and has no idea why they decided to attack him.

"I guess they were looking for some quick money or something like that, or seeing what they could get out of somebody, well they got it," he said.

Leary told NewsChannel 12 EMS officials told him if they hadn't gotten to him when they did he wouldn't be alive today.

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