Man shot during armed robbery

Owner says shooter was a customer

Washington Co. man shot during armed robbery

PLYMOUTH, WASHINGTON COUNTY - A man was shot during an armed robbery. The shooter, he says, was one of his customers.

Ali Saleh was closing his business, the Kwik Stop in Plymouth, around 9:30 Monday night. That's when a man he says he knows, came in wielding a shotgun, demanding money. "He put something in his here, his mouth but his face I know, I know him," said Saleh.

The man told Saleh to give him money, and Saleh said he would. But the gunman got jumpy, and fired a shot into the ground. The shot ricocheted, and hit Saleh in the leg and both arms. The remaining pellets lodged themselves in the wall behind him.

Saleh made his way over to the register, and pushed it over to the robber. The man took the entire register, but didn't make off with much, according to Saleh.

How much? Only 15 dollars.

Customers in the store say the community is outraged. Saleh says the shooter is well-known, so he doesn't believe it will take Plymouth Police very long to find him.

After the ordeal, Saleh said he was grateful for two reasons. One, that the register stolen was worth more than the amount of cash inside and two, that he only suffered minor injuries.

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