Man rows from Africa to New York for HIV/AIDS awareness

Man rows from Africa to New York for HIV/AIDS awareness

SNEADS FERRY, Onslow County - A man from New York is on a mission to spread AIDS and HIV awareness. He is traveling from Africa to New York in his row boat.

Victor Mooney started the Goree Challenge in Feb. of 2014. Right now, he's docked at the New River Marina in Sneads Ferry.

One of his brothers passed away from AIDS in 1983. His other brother still fights the disease and has been for 20 years.

"This is a mission that I've embraced," Mooney said.

Mooney began his trip off the coast of Africa. He started in the Canary Islands and rowed his way through the Atlantic Ocean. He stopped in various parts of the Caribbean. He stopped in Sneads Ferry before he heads to New York.

Mooney has already traveled more than 4,000 miles. He said the journey has not been easy. It took him more than a hundred days to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, Mooney faced a number of struggles. He is now on his fourth boat and said he suffered severe weight loss, sleep deprivation and even a shark attack.

"I never gave up," Mooney said. "With the Heavenly Father with me, I'm just asking for continued permission to continue this row."

Even though his trip is coming to a close, Mooney continues to fight for what made him set out on his journey. He hopes that a cure for HIV and AIDS is on its way. Mooney said he hopes to make it to New York by the end of the summer.

To find out more about Mooney's journey, check out his website and his Facebook page.

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