Man Killed in Murder-Suicide Posted Warning Message To Friends

JACKSONVILLE - Jacksonville Police have released the names of the two men killed in an apparent murder-suicide.

The incidents occurred on May 31, at approximately 11:58 p.m., according to police. At that time, police discovered 30-year-old Jason Eimer of Jacksonville shot several times in the parking lot of the Navy Federal Credit Union. Eimer was found inside a black Dodge truck.

The truck was backed into a column of Navy Federal Credit Union building - police say Eimer was attempting to escape the shooter.

Police were then notified that the shooting suspect, 32-year-old Christoffer Apger of Jacksonville, was at the New River Harley Davidson on Highway 17. When police arrived to that location, they say Apger went to the back of the building and shot himself.

Eimer posted a warning message to family and friends on his Facebook profile about two hours before the shooting. He posted, "If something happens to me tonight I love you all ... please pray for me, I'm doing something I don't want to do."

NewsChannel 12 spoke with Apger's neighbors, who say his wife asked for a divorce while he was serving in Afghanistan. Police have confirmed that Apger was a U.S. Marine.

A neighbor said another man was involved, and that man was Eimer.

According to the neighbor, Agper said this to Eimer, "can you just stay out of it, our divorce is none of your business." The neighbor says Eimer stated in sum and substance, "now it is my business because she's 3 or 4 months pregnant."

Shortly before his death, Eimer posted on Facebook about the excitement he felt for his unborn child.

According to the neighbor, Agper was a happy and well adjusted individual. She was shocked at what police say happened, stating he was a good man that did a bad thing.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to call Jacksonville Police Department or Onslow Crime Stoppers.

NewsChannel 12 Executive Producer Elizabeth Bynum contributed to this report.

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